Click within the coloured circle to explore human health through 14 different therapeutic areas

You’ll find information about more than 150 diseases, their respective treatments and valuable tips on how to prevent them.

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The Quick Health Guide GalenicumVitae.com. Understanding health has never been faster or easier.

Information means health. That’s why Galenicum, in collaboration with renowned doctors from the Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu Hospital and distinguished designers, created this innovative, visual and easy-to-understand health guide for everyone worldwide, which is accredited by the Official Medical College of Barcelona (COMB). With just one click, you can access information on more than 150 diseases, their treatments along with recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. How can you combat stress? How can you sleep better? How can we prevent heart diseases? How can I keep my kids from smoking, drinking and doing drugs? How can I prevent anorexia? At GalenicumVitae you’ll find the answers, and you can learn about your health and the health of your family quickly and easily. Because health is of the utmost importance, and a healthy lifestyle is the foundation for better quality of life.

Easy-to-understand information. The world of health is very complex and at times it can be difficult to understand. This is not surprising as there are more than 100 different specialties, thousands of illnesses, and a medical language that can be very technical at times. Understanding illnesses and their treatments has, undoubtedly, a decisive influence on how effective the treatment is. To that end, the Quick Health Guide was created with the goal of simplifying health information as much as possible. How is that done?

  1. Simple language. The entire Quick Health Guide is written in a concise way that is easy for everyone to understand. On the main page of each illness, you’ll find a brief summary of the illness that you can explore further via the longer informative texts that appear in the lower section of the page or on the more specific subsequent pages.
  2. Self-explanatory images. The Quick Health Guide is very visual. All of the content -illnesses, treatments, health tips- is illustrated with a clear and educational image. In this way you can get the information you need at a glance.
  3. Innovative classification system. The guide divides health into just 14 therapeutic areas, each of which is included in the same illustration of a man inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. The figure allows for an immediate understanding of health as a whole.
  4. Intuitive colours. We assigned a differentiating colour to each therapeutic area and its corresponding images so that you can immediately and intuitively relate each illness or content with the matching therapeutic area. For example, the colour for hypertension is red because it’s a cardiovascular disease, while the colour for asthma is blue because it’s a respiratory disease.

Complete information. At GalenicumVitae.com you’ll find detailed information on over 150 illnesses, treatments and useful health advice that will help you and your family to live a healthy lifestyle. The more than 700 pages contain over 450 original graphics that illustrate the world of illnesses and health in a simple, educational way. You’ll also find information on good and bad habits, a balanced diet, physical exercise, the importance of a positive attitude in life and when faced with an illness, and much more.

Reliable information. The internet gives us access to all sorts of information at the blink of an eye. This includes health-related information. But we don’t always know where this information came from or who wrote it. That’s why the Quick Health Guide was created in collaboration with Barcelona’s Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu, a vast network of health services, teachers and research with recognised specialists in all areas of health. GalenicumVitae.com is accredited by HONcode with HONConduct664399, verify here.

Visually appealing. The areas of health are illustrated with pencil sketches, which show the human body, its components, along with illnesses and other elements, in an attractive and visually-appealing way. The texture of the sketches and the warm colours give the Quick Health Guide a human touch.

Explore the Quick Health Guide now by clicking on one of the coloured areas and dive into the world of human health as you never have done before. And keep health on hand with your smartphone and tablet. You can also “share health” with your family and friends on and .

We are interested in your opinion. You are welcome to contact us at info@galenicumvitae.com.

Last modification date: 19/6/2018

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